DevOps & Infrastructure

At Galago, we go beyond mere infrastructure management; we orchestrate symphonies of code, infrastructure, and deployment.

Merging Development & Operations

The essence of DevOps lies in its ability to bridge the traditional gaps between development and operations. With Galago, this integration is not just about technology but also about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. We ensure that your development cycles are agile, your deployments are reliable, and your operations are scalable, all while maintaining a keen focus on security and compliance.

Agile Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of any digital solution, and its agility directly influences your organization's pace and adaptability. Our DevOps experts leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies like Infrastructure as Code to ensure your infrastructure is not just robust but also malleable. By integrating cloud solutions and emphasizing scalability, we ensure your digital assets are primed for growth and future challenges.
Dynamic Infrastructure Provisioning
Scalable Cloud Deployments & Management
Infrastructure-as-Code Implementation
Resilient & Fault-Tolerant Design
Performance Tuning & Optimization
Environment & Configuration Management
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Continuous Delivery

The real power of DevOps shines in its ability to transform software delivery. Our emphasis on continuous integration and automated testing ensures that your code is always deployment-ready. With efficient pipelines in place, deployments become predictable and frequent, allowing you to rapidly respond to market demands and user feedback.
Continuous Integration Pipeline Design
Automated Testing & Quality Assurance
Version Control & Code Merge Practices
Automated Release Management
Code Review & Collaboration Practices
Feedback Loop & Monitoring Integration


Infrastructure Automation

Optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity. Our team employs best practices to automate infrastructure setup, deployment processes, and configurations, ensuring faster releases without compromising on quality.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Smooth, streamlined, and timely. We implement CI/CD pipelines that facilitate regular code integrations, automated testing, and efficient deployment, driving agility and reducing time-to-market.

Cloud Services & Management

Harness the cloud's potential. We offer expertise in a variety of cloud platforms, ensuring seamless cloud migrations, optimal configurations, and efficient resource utilization tailored to your unique needs.

System Monitoring & Alerts

Always vigilant, always prepared. Our proactive monitoring solutions detect and address potential system anomalies in real-time, ensuring smooth operations and minimal disruptions.

Scaling & Performance Testinig

Ready for growth at any scale. We fine-tune systems for optimal performance, ensuring they can handle traffic spikes and growth, guaranteeing a consistent user experience regardless of load.

Integrated System Management

A holistic approach to system oversight. We provide end-to-end system management solutions that integrate various IT processes, tools, and methodologies, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operational environment.

Why Choose Us

In the intricate dance of development and operations, Galago stands as the choreographer, ensuring every step is in harmony. Our profound understanding of the DevOps landscape, combined with a commitment to innovation, positions us as the ideal partner in your digital transformation journey. By prioritizing collaboration, automation, and continuous feedback, we drive efficiencies that translate to tangible business outcomes. Engage with Galago, and let's co-create a DevOps framework that propels your organization to unparalleled digital excellence.

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Bernard Philippe
Owner, VeraPay
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Warren Ginsberg
"The team not only offered excellent advice to make my app more user-friendly they overall made my vision for my app come to fruition. I highly recommend Galago for professional and personalized service."
Kelsey Racanelli
Founder, Simply Garnish

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