Real Estate

Revolutionizing property dealings with groundbreaking tech solutions, we're shaping the future of real estate interactions and transactions.

Tech Partner For Real Estate

Real estate, an industry rooted in tradition, is experiencing unprecedented digital transformation. At Galago, we merge our deep understanding of the property landscape with unrivaled tech proficiency, positioning us as the prime partner for real estate agencies, developers, and professionals looking to upscale, automate, and revolutionize their operations and customer experiences.

Digital Products

Navigating the digital shift, our products transform the traditional property search. We craft experiences that allow potential buyers and renters to take virtual tours, use AI to match with ideal properties, and access real-time market analytics, ensuring informed decisions and meaningful engagements.
Consumer & Enterprise Software
CX, UX & Interaction Design
Product Ideation Workshops
User Research & Testing
User Interface (UI) Design
Design Systems
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Website Development

A real estate website is more than just a digital catalog. It's an interactive platform that provides comprehensive property information, efficient filtering systems, and integrated tools like mortgage calculators. Our websites ensure that agencies and agents stay connected with their clientele, fostering trust and simplifying property dealings.
Responsive Web Design
CMS Integration & Customization
Performance Optimization
SEO-Friendly Development
E-commerce Site Creation
Maintenance & Support

App Development

Mobile solutions are reshaping real estate on the go. Our apps facilitate everything from real-time property alerts for buyers, to digital paperwork for agents, and seamless communication platforms for everyone involved. They're designed with user-centricity, ensuring a seamless and enriching property hunt and purchase experience.
Native App Development
Hybrid App Development
Web App Development
Continuous Improvement
User Feedback Integration
Post-launch Support
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Credit card mockups

Content Creation

Quality content can be the determining factor for a property decision. From engaging property videos that highlight features, to comprehensive neighborhood guides, and insightful market trend analyses, our content strategies aim to provide value, clarity, and trust to both buyers and sellers.
Brand Storytelling
Illustration & Graphic Design
Video & Audio Production
Marketing Material
3D & Animation

DevOps & Infrastructure

The vast amount of data in real estate requires robust management and security solutions. Our DevOps services ensure databases are streamlined, scalable, and secure. From managing massive property listings to ensuring cloud solutions function seamlessly, we ensure your digital infrastructure is top-notch.
Infrastructure Automation
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Cloud Services & Management
System Monitoring & Alerts
Scaling & Performance Tuning
Integrated System Management
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Credit card mockups

Bespoke Consulting

The rapidly evolving proptech scene can be overwhelming. Our consulting arm aids real estate professionals in charting their digital trajectory. From crafting effective digital marketing strategies, integrating the latest in proptech, to enhancing overall customer experiences, we ensure you're always ahead in the digital real estate curve.
Digital Transformation Strategy
Business Model Evaluation
Innovation Workshops
AI Implementation Advisor
GTM & Growth Strategy

Growth / Marketing

In the evolving real estate landscape, connecting properties with potential buyers and tenants is crucial. Galago's specialized growth and marketing services ensure that your listings shine bright in the digital realm. We harness the power of search engines, craft compelling content, and employ targeted social media campaigns to elevate your real estate brand, driving both visibility and conversions.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
Social Media & Content Marketing
Email Marketing Campaigns
Product Led Growth Hacking
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
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