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Welcome to Galago's Free Resource Hub, your ultimate destination for free SaaS learning materials.

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Our carefully curated collection of ebooks, guides, frameworks, and more is tailored to provide startup founders and SaaS professionals with deep insights and practical knowledge.


SaaS Startup Guide

A comprehensive overview outlining the key stages of launching a SaaS business, tailored to provide new founders with a clear roadmap for success.

168 SaaS Industry Terms

A comprehensive glossary meticulously compiled to familiarize founders and professionals with key terminologies and concepts pivotal in SaaS.

SaaS Founder's UX Lexicon

A concise yet thorough compilation of 101 essential UX concepts, crafted to enhance the mastery of user experience design for SaaS founders.

Founder's Startup Guide

An accessible, entry-level manual designed to demystify app development, offering foundational knowledge and practical steps.

60 Books For SaaS Founders

An essential reading list curated to guide, inspire, and empower founders in the SaaS industry with insights from leading experts and successful entrepreneurs.

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